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Covid Response Update
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Governor Brown and other state officials announced the criteria under which schools in Oregon may bring students back to campus--including all private schools in Oregon. Under this state mandate, Scappoose Adventist School will be open for both in person and online classes this fall.

Message from Our Principal

Dear SAS Families,


We live in a time, unlike any other. The changes that are happening around us are swift and surprising. We must be flexible and work with the information that we have at hand at this time. The decisions that need to be made in regards to our school are done so with much prayer and forethought. For the past two months, the SAS Administration has been working closely with the Oregon Department of Education and the Adventist Conference of Education Office to prepare for a safe and healthy return to school. The health and well-being of our students, staff, and families are of utmost importance. What follows is an explanation of that process and the procedures in place to help us have a safe and successful year.  Please take the time to read this information as it lays out our plan for the upcoming school year. More updates and additional information will be sent out weekly.

Joy & Fun In Learning Together


With all the seriousness surrounding preparing our school to be a safe/clean learning environment, we at SAS know we cannot lose sight that this pandemic has impacted our kids. SAS staff are committed to making sure to keep the fun and joy in our daily school activities and celebrate the many blessings God has provided us. Our teachers will do the following in our classrooms:

  • Intentional connection and community activities

  • Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum in all grades 

  • Classes held outside in the sunshine while the weather permits

  • Give students creative outlets (Ex. Art classes, exercise classes, projects)

  • Focus on outreach to some of our hardest-hit and most isolated (ex. Letters to soldiers, first responders, and nursing homes)

Learning Options

We have spent the last two months planning for on-campus instruction per the “Ready School, Safe Learner Blueprint”. This detailed document from the Oregon Department of Education lists all the requirements for daily, on-campus instruction. The Governor’s new mandate that was released on August 11, 2020 added metrics required to be met. There were several exemptions listed, and we are able to utilize two of those to offer on-campus instruction. 


While we are excited about this opportunity, our hope and prayer are that we, State & County, will be able to meet the needed metrics so we can continue to offer on-campus instruction throughout the school year.  


If your family would prefer to start class off-campus and utilize our Distance Learning Programs, please let us know. This is an important decision, and we respect that you, as a family, must choose the best way your child can safely learn. Our teachers will be contacting each family next week to determine which program option best fits your child at this time.

Unable to come to campus due to COVID19? Not a problem!

You can take classes via remote learning from your home. How?


  1. Live/Remote Learning (Interactive Distance Learning)
    • Meet with real teachers and classmates. Your child will see and interact with the class, using his or her laptop, tablet, or smartphone. When convenient, they can read lessons, chat, and submit assignments online (seesaw or google classroom). This is the most “human-touch” choice.

    • Tune in to live on-campus classes utilizing online, digital formats (Ex. Zoom, videos)

  2. Online Instructional Modules 
    • Do rigorous study when it is most convenient. Your child will receive a teacher’s instructions, read lessons, chat, and submit assignments online. No video conferencing is required, so the schedule is super flexible. 

    • Your child can also participate in online, digital format classes via Zoom and videos, utilize Google Classroom/Seesaw to submit classwork.

  3. Packet Pickup

    • Study without any electronic gadgets or devices. Your child will receive well-designed, printed study materials each week. The work will closely match what is being presented to online students. You will pick up your packets and drop off completed work once a week.

  4. Hybrid Learning

    • Your child can choose to stay at home for a certain number of days and come to school for a few days. (Please send your schedule to your child teacher so they can plan better).

    • Participate in online, digital format classes via Zoom and videos, utilize Google Classroom/Seesaw to submit classwork.

Students WILL have the option to transition back into the “in-person” format at designated periods if your comfort level rises with the current conditions. They are NOT locked in for the entire year to the form you choose at the beginning of the year. 


Students CAN take a mixture of E-Learning and in-person classes. Please communicate with your child’s teacher. 


E-Learning students WILL be able to interact live with their teachers, and specific log-in times will be required. They will be in the SAME classes as they usually would but just would be present “virtually.” 

Code of Conduct

While the world groans under the pressures of polarized politics, unrest, and world-wide pandemic, it is vital that we provide a Christian school environment for our children and embrace and support our Christian schools. We, the staff, students, and parents of SAS must work together. Your actions both in and out of school, affect our ability to offer on-campus instruction. We need respect and cooperation for the safety and health protocol mandated for our on-campus operations. A more detailed list of policies and procedures will be sent out later this month.


As a Christian School, we believe that we are not alone in these decisions and struggles. We have a strength that comes from the belief that there is a God who has a plan for us. (Jeremiah 29:11). We hope that we can be a witness to those around us and that peace can be found amid these storms. Our staff keeps all of our SAS families in prayer, and we ask that you do the same for us. We are not alone.

We are a family…the SAS family!

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