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Dress Code

Because it is imperative to keep our focus on education, we ask that students keep their clothing simple, modest, and neat. To build and maintain this learning environment, we also ask that all items be purchased from school uniform clothing lines according to the specifications listed below. 


A courtesy reminder, with a copy of the dress and appearance policy, will be sent home with students who are out of compliance. Repeated violations may necessitate a behavior agreement and/or a call to parents.


  • Navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, leggings or dresses.

    • Please be sure shorts, leggings or tights are always worn under skirts and dresses.

    • Leggings should not be worn as pants.

    • Shorts, skirts and dresses should be just above the knee or longer.

    • Please no short-shorts.

  • Any solid color in uniform line polo shirts, blouses with collars, or turtlenecks,

    • Shirts must be logo-free except for optional SAS logo

    • Any solid color, logo-free sweater or jacket

  • Shoes must have a back on them. Flip-flops, snow/rain boots and clogs (crocs) are not part of our dress code.

School Dress Principles

The following principles apply to all school functions and events:


Simple is defined as free from vanity or anything that distracts. Clothes should be weather-appropriate and follow the requirements listed below as needed for the classroom setting, field trips, P.E., or music. Jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, is not considered simple and can be a safety issue; therefore we request that it remain at home. If a student plans on having ears pierced, please do so during summer months so that studs are not worn at school.


Modest is defined as dressing in a manner that does not draw attention to your body. Please make sure that clothes fit properly for all school activities. Low necks, low riding pants, tight-fitting tops or bottoms, and short skirts are not appropriate attire. Any showing of midriff, cleavage, backside, or any undergarments is not considered modest. Any type of body art, or pronounced cosmetic or hair color would be considered drawing attention to yourself. For example, nail polish must be clear or a natural color such as pale pink.


Neat is defined as well-groomed and in good repair. Clothing should not contain any logos, unless it is a Scappoose Adventist School logo. Hair and clothing should look like the student is ready for a day of learning.



A "Uniform Exchange" is available for donation and/or obtaining useable, undamaged uniforms.

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