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After-School Enrichment

After classes end and the carpool lines have come and gone, some of our students remain on campus for after-school care and for our After-school Enrichment classes.


These classes are taught by our teachers, staff and SAS parents. The specific offerings vary by quarter; classes run in the fall, winter, and spring. Most run once per week for an hour.

These after-school experiences complement the SAS curriculum and offer students the chance to learn, exercise and train their bodies through sports,  baking, gain a skill like put on a play, learn a musical instrument, or explore a new topic like lego-robotics or science in a fun and hands-on way.

Fall 2019 After-School Schedule
  • Lego-Robotics - Monday
  • Baking Club - Tuesday
  • Ukulele - Wednesday
  • Pathfinders (Scouting Club) - Thursday

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