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Home & School Association

Our Home and School Association is an organization much like a PTA. It is made up of all parents, grandparents, and/or caregivers of Scappoose Adventist School students. Those who choose to actively participate in HSA meet regularly to work with each other and the school to provide support in many areas.


The purpose of HSA is to help unite the home, the school, and the church in their endeavors to provide a better  education for our children. It plays a very important and supportive role for the school through sharing perspective, lending a hand during school functions,fundraising, and providing our hot lunch program.


The HSA is multifaceted in its approach to support our school. HSA provides fundraising, event support, hot lunch, and classroom support among other things.

Becoming a Member

As a parent or guardian of a student at our school, you are automatically a member. When you see communications from, to, or about Home and School, it involves you. The HSA will meet monthly throughout the school year to plan events. Important decisions that affect students’ experiences at school are made at these meetings. Attend a meeting, join the fun and get to know the other parents of your student’s classmates! This is the most efficient way to become involved and see where you can best support our school.

Stay Connected

Keep up to date on Home & School meeting times, events, activities and general communications by adding the Home & School group on the Bloomz app. For more information check out the Parent Communication App page.

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