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Affording SAS

Tuition and Fees

School Year 2024-2025

Preschool Annual Tuition - (From 8 am to noon)
  • Full Week Enrollment - $4,000/yr ($400/mo. for 10 mo.) Sept. through June

  • 3 days/Week - $2,400/year ($240/mo. for 10 mo.) Sept. through June

  • 2 days/Week - $1,600/year ($160/mo. for 10 mo.) Sept. through June

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Annual Tuition
  • $6,200/Year for each Student

    • 10-month payment plan of $620/mo. Sept. through June​

    • 11-month payment plan of $564/mo. August through June

    • 12-month payment plan of $517/mo. July through June

    • Single payment plan 5% discount if paid in full by Sept. 1st

Our full cost for educating one full-time student can average around $10,900 and more variable on student count compared to expenses. In an effort to make Christian education affordable, SAS charges less tuition than the true cost. The difference is covered primarily by donations and external funding from the Scappoose-St. Helens Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Non-Tuition Expenses

School Year 2024-2025

Some costs vary by a student's choice of program or a family's use of service. Miscellaneous expenses may occur from time to time.


Registration Fee: $175 per student (non-refundable)

After-care from noon until 3pm: $20/day

Kinder-8th Grade
Registration Fee: $325 per student.
  • $100 early registration discount, if registered by April 3rd.
  • registration fee is non-refundable
  • due at the time of registration
Home & School Fee: $50
  • non-refundable
  • due September 1st


School Year 2024- 2025

​Pay-in-Full Discount 

  • 5% discount for pay-in-full by September 1st.

Multiple Student Discount 

  • 2nd child - 15%

  • 3rd child - 35%

  • 4th child and above - 50%

Early Registration Discount

  • $100 discount off the $325 registration fee if paid by April 3rd.

Discounts not available for preschool.

Payment Options

School Year 2024- 2025

​We understand that each family’s financial situation is unique, so we offer a variety of payment options, including a customized payment plan for families in need of alternative payment arrangements. 

Plan A. 100% paid upon submission of the Enrollment Agreement (5% discount)

Plan B. 10-month equal payments (September through June)

Plan C. 11-month payments (August through June)

Plan D. 12-month equal payments (July through June)

Plan E. An alternative payment plan be arranged through the school’s treasurer.

*Plan D. Only Available before July & Plan C. is only available before August. 

Financial Aid

School Year 2024- 2025

The presence of multiple perspectives in our community and classrooms enriches the educational experience of all our lifelong learners. SAS was founded by men and women who knew the importance and power of educational accessibility. SAS honors that legacy with an ever-growing commitment to making an education at SAS accessible to a broad community of families. Toward that end, SAS has a need-based financial aid policy and fundraises for money to be used exclusively for financial aid.


All financial aid comes from solely donor support.  Available funds will vary and we do our best in getting these funds to those in need. We ask that alumni students and family remember us and donate to the school financial aid program, Helping us to help provide for others that need help to access Christian education. 

Need-based aid is evaluated and awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed, as funds available may vary and each family’s finances may change. Families must reapply for aid each year. Each family must complete the necessary paperwork by the posted deadlines and must continue to demonstrate the need for aid. Financial aid documentation must be supplied in a timely manner because awards for returning and new families are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applying for Financial Aid

If you are applying for financial aid, complete the online financial aid application through FACTS.


  • Have copies of the latest tax documents to submit to the website in PDF format. (School Treasurer can assist with that if needed)

  • The Financial Aid Committee is unable to review applications until they are complete, including all documentation.

  • Priority consideration is given to applications received by the deadline; late applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Divorced, separated, or never-married parents must each submit an application.

Thank you for considering an Adventist education for your family. We understand that investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning, and we want to partner with you in that goal. Here are just a few of the benefits we see in beginning your family’s education at SAS:

  • An ideal environment for learning, where student development is always at the center of teacher planning and where the whole family is engaged and partnering with the school in support of each child

  • An inclusive community with accessible and responsive leadership, teachers and many opportunities for parent leadership and involvement.

  • Differentiated, developmentally appropriate learning for each child in an atmosphere that is objective, nonjudgmental, and encouraging, enabling students to seek out challenges and take academic risk.


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