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Covid Safety Measures / Protocol
Physical Distancing


All daily activities and instruction will utilize the following physical distancing measures:

  • Relatively small numbers of students which will make it easier to space students out and allow them 6 feet of distance

  • Students will receive instruction on the importance of maintaining physical distance from others 

  • Hallways floors will be marked to designate traffic flow and help remind individuals to space apart during transition times

  • Student desks/tables will be organized to provide a healthy distance between students

  • Classroom schedules will be staggered to allow for students to maintain healthy distancing throughout the building


A key strategy in minimizing the spread of a virus is establishing stable cohorts.

  • The more we can reduce the mixing of cohorts, the easier it will be to mitigate school-wide disruptions to in-person learning 

  • Each classroom will be a cohort

Hand Hygiene

There will be an increased emphasis on hand-washing and sanitizing. 

  • Students will receive instruction on when to wash hands or sanitize their hands such as before/after meals, before/after using playground equipment, after bathroom use and anytime they are using a classroom used by other cohorts 

  • Students will also be instructed as to how to properly wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds

  • Posters will be up in each classroom and bathroom to help remind them of proper hand-washing

  • Sanitizing stations are set up in all classes and at all exits and entrances to the school

Face Covering

The State of Oregon now requires ALL staff and students to wear face coverings on the school campus. 

  • Face coverings can include cloth or disposable masks that cover the nose and mouth.

  • Face shields qualify as a face covering as long as they cover a portion of the forehead, extending below the chin and wraps around the sides of the face. 

  • There are many new and exciting styles of masks and shields, some of which are quite comfortable, that may help your child adapt to wearing face coverings at school. We encourage students to personalize and decorate their face shields.

  • We encourage face shields or transparent masks to be worn to enable easier communication and the ability to see facial expressions. 

  • Fresh air breaks will be scheduled throughout the day to allow them to remove their mask if they wish at the appropriate time and place with proper health procedures in place.

Sanitizing Practices

There will be increased importance placed upon cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining proper ventilation.

  • Frequently touched surfaces such as: door handles, sink handles, restrooms and playground equipment, will be cleaned/sanitized multiple times throughout the day

  • Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized between cohort usage

  • Cleaning checklists have been established to ensure areas that were used will be cleaned daily

  • Teachers will also be encouraged, as part of their new routine, to increase students’ ability to get outside to enjoy fresh air.  

Drop-off & Pick-up, Screening & Staying Home When Sick

One of the more important aspects of protecting individuals from the Covid-19 virus is to ensure that we reduce the number of individuals entering our school building and keeping those sick at home. 

  • We ask that students and staff who are feeling ill, remain home. Teachers will work with those students to make sure that they stay caught up on classwork.

  • Only essential staff are allowed on campus.


  • Parents pull up into our parking lot close to their child’s classroom. SAS staff member will take your child to his/her class.
  • Before each day of school, teachers will be stationed outside, starting 15 minutes before school starts (7:45 a.m.) to take temperatures, and ask individuals if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness. Parents will communicate this information to us daily (more details on this procedure to follow). We can no longer offer early entry supervision in the gym.

  • Students will enter their classrooms via the classroom doors, whereupon entry they will be asked to wash their hands immediately

  • If students are running a fever or are feeling sick, parents will be contacted to come to pick them up to take them home. More details to follow on symptoms definitions, length of stay, and requirements to return to class (updates from the Health Department are ongoing, and we will inform you of the most current update prior to school starting).


Dismissal / Pick-up

  • Parents pull into the parking lot; SAS staff member will wait outside with a walkie-talkie and call your child’s teacher to exit their classroom to their waiting vehicle one at a time.  

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