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Wish List

Parents have asked, so we’ve published our wish list!  It’s an assortment of things we’d like to have at some point and little items that we always need and would welcome at any time should you be looking for small ideas!  


All donations are tax-deductible, a receipt can be provided on request. 


Thank you to all of our families and community members who have and continue to support us. We are so blessed with many gifts that have enriched the classrooms and the learning experiences of our students.

Please click on the links below to see the school wish lists, on


General School Items
  • Standard Copy Paper



K - 1st Grade
2nd - 4th Grade
5th - 8th Grade

Fundraising Goals

We are also raising funds to pay for:

  • P.E. teacher - $6,000 annually

  • Building and classroom upgrades 

  • Scholarships

  • Field trips and school outings

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