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Online Grades & Report Cards

Scappoose Adventist School uses the FACTS (formerly RenWeb) school web portal for grades and school information.


Information accessible in FACTS  includes; directory of families with their home addresses and contact information, grades, absences, homework assignments, and a calendar with a notation of school holidays.



How to Log In

  1. To log in, go and click on the blue box in the upper right for “Parent Log in” and choose the FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb) option. 

  2. From the next screen, you can log-in or create a new Family Portal Account.

    •  The district code is SPA-OR

  3. It will take you directly to your family’s home page. 

How to Find Grades and Homework Information

After logging in, open the Student section to see options for Grades, Homework, Lesson Plans, Report Card, and Attendance.

Grades Homework, Report Cards are only available for 1st through 8th Grade. 

Phone App

There is a Renweb phone app available with an annual subscription fee.  


Look in your phone’s app store for the “RenWeb Home” app for an on-the-go connection with the school and student information.

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