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We look forward to getting to know prospective families as they look for a school that’s the right fit for their children.


Learn about SAS, schedule a tour, and submit your application!

Step 1: Inquire and Schedule an Open House Tour                

This step is essential to get you started, but is not a commitment to apply to SAS.

Complete and submit an online inquiry. We will reach out to you to schedule an Open House tour. We like to start the application process with a tour so that you’ll be well acquainted with the school when you begin.

Step 2: Start the Application                                                     


A complete application will include:

Step 3: Setup Student Visit                                                    


Depending on the age of the applicant, a shadow day or one-on-one visit may be required.

We prefer to schedule shadow days on Friday, because these days are more relaxed and are half-days. Parents are welcome to stay and watch their child in the classroom.

Step 4: Learn About Financial Aid                                            


Need-based aid is evaluated and awarded annually, and renewal is not automatic or guaranteed, as funds available may vary and each family’s finances may change. Families must reapply for aid each year.



Before You Begin

Requirements by September 1

  • Preschool – 3 years old

  • Kindergarten – 5 years old

  • Children must be potty-trained

Inquire and schedule an Open House Tour.


Set up student visit.


Learn about financial aid. We offer need-based aid to families who qualify - up to 100% of tuition


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