5th - 8th Grade 

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Mrs. Girlie Zunega-Aguilar


Grades 5 to 8


Girlie Zunega-Aguilar is an international speaker, teacher, a missionary, and a servant of God. She spent thirteen years teaching elementary, middle school and high school students in urban, rural, and international settings. She has experience working in Adventist, as well as public and non-profit educational systems.

Additionally, she worked as an Academic Advisor, Student Teaching Supervisor, Graduate Teaching Assistant and Administrative Assistant at Andrews University. She is passionate about developing teachers and resources that are prepared to meet the needs of all students. She also engages in equipping future leaders, enjoys leading out Master Guide, Pathfinders, organizing international mission trips, and conducting seminars. She served as a missionary and English teacher in South Korea for 3 years and 7.5 years in Saipan, Northern Marianas Island (USA). She’s married to Antonee Leo Aguilar who is a pastor, a nurse, a teacher, and an accountant. Pastor and Mrs. Aguilar pursued their education at Andrews University where Pastor Aguilar is taking Master of Divinity and Master of Business Administration while Mrs. Aguilar is a PhD Candidate in Religious Education with emphasis in Campus Spiritual Leadership. Her hobbies include reading, preaching, cycling, and spending time with her husband on road trips.