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We Want Your Empty Cans & Bottles

Helping SAS raise funds can be super easy, with our new BottleDrop Give account. 


How It Works
  1. Help yourself to a blue bag with a pre-fastened SAS barcode tag. They can be found outside the SAS office or at any school function. 

  2. Fill it with redeemable cans & bottles (20lbs). Plastic, aluminum, & glass go in the same bag.

  3. Return your bag(s) to a BottleDrop Redemption center (Fred Meyer or Safeway in Columbia County)Up to 10 bags can be returned daily to any BottleDrop location. 

  4. Use the barcoded sticker to open the door and place the bag inside. 

  5. The redemption proceeds from your deposited bag(s) will be donated straight to SAS!

Oregon Bottle Bill Expansion

We can now redeem the bottle deposit for more than just beer, soda, and water containers!

BottleDrop Redemption
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